“The conveniences that tech has brought to ordering and info-seeking can't ever take the place of sitting down with publishing contacts and reviewing our business together. Author panels and announcements of upcoming books are exciting year after year, and the energy in every aisle is infectious, but it's the time at the meeting table that makes BookExpo essential. Go! And before you go, arrange meetings with your reps and contacts. Take advantage of their expertise and availability at the show!"

- Kyle Hall, Interabang Books
“Book Expo is extremely important for me. The day to day grind mixed with the stress for performance can erode your perspective over the year. Book Expo is like an adrenaline shot that comes with a reminder of the importance and power of words and how our fabric of a decent civilization lies with the equality of education for everyone. Thank You for being there each year to stay woke.”

- Allison Bishop, The Spy Museum
“Having not been to BookExpo for a couple of years I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by both the number and quality of the meetings I had which should lead to some great business opportunities in the future. With BookExpo being the go-to platform bringing the publishing industry together in the US it was well worth the trip.”

- Colin Ziegler, Natural History Museum London
“There is a reason BookExpo is the largest book industry event in North America – everyone goes! If there is a message I can get across to you that would be it!”

- Michelle Cavalier, Cavalier House Books
"Each year that I attend BookExpo I discover something new, whether it's a cool new sideline or an up and coming author. I also love the chance to connect with publishing friends and meet new ones. I was super excited about the addition of UnBound this year, which seems to me a chance to combine the best of both worlds -- the proximity to the heart of publishing and all the opportunities that offers, plus the very practical and hands-on opportunity to find new gems for our stores that will help our bottom-lines."

- Susan Hans O’Conner, Penguin Bookshop
“After experiencing BookExpo twice, I feel like the biggest thing I’ve gained by attending is the confidence building in bookselling and relationships I continue to cultivate after the show. I think all independent booksellers should attend BookExpo at least once to feel the energy of New York City and submerse yourself in the wild world of BookExpo! Plus you get to meet some pretty great life changing people along the way.”

- Alexa Butler, Beach Books
“I attend BookExpo to keep tabs on publishing, like what themes are trending and what’s new in book design. BookExpo also serves to keep up with what’s happening in the broader culture: what people are writing about, or most interested in reading, and whose voices are important this year? I find new titles or series for my store and identify what consumers are focusing on, in a far more general capacity.”

- Julie Stiner, Barnes Foundation
“Book Expo gives me the opportunity to talk with decision-makers in publishing. Whether it’s talking directly to a writer about an appearance in our store or negotiating a deal for publishing a book for the museum, Book Expo is an important show to make contact with publishing professionals. It’s also a great weary to get a heads up on the important titles that are being released for the year.”

- Victor Oliveira, Isabella Steward Gardner Museum
“Meeting authors is a complete joy in itself, but getting copies of books well in advanced before their releases is an absolute necessity. It's vital for me as a book buyer to know before buying the book as to whether or not it'd be a good fit for my stores and, of course, my customers. Plus, it ensures that I get to recommend good reads to fellow booksellers and book buyers in advance so that when books do hit the shelves, we can all hit the ground running with staff favorites!”

- Megan Pinckard, Magic Beans
“Exhibiting in UnBound was great for our business! It was well-curated, and the sidelines buyers knew why they were there and came prepared. It was exciting to talk with so many new accounts; we’re still filling order from the show!”

- Brian Mooney, president, The Storymatic