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BookExpo is the premium trade event in North America featuring a Show Floor comprised of the world’s most influential publishers and distributors, as well as a curated group of non-book manufacturers in UnBound, the new show within a show launched in 2019 for attendees to conveniently source gift and lifestyle products while conducting business at BookExpo. Attendees include independent and chain bookstores and specialty retailers, libraries, museums and major trade and consumer press. The Show Floor emphasizes one-on-one meetings with booksellers, librarians, and press and gives your authors the chance to interact directly with them. In a digital world, BookExpo is the North American event that puts your business face-to-face with its customers to deliver tangible results.

New York Rights Fair, the international adult and children's content and licensing marketplace, will run concurrently with BookExpo, making the two fairs the biggest and most important U.S. publishing event of the year. Publishers, rights professionals, agents, scouts, film producers, acquisitions editors and other attendees will discuss rights sales and the distribution of content across all formats, including print, audio, film and television.

BookCon – BookExpo’s consumer extension – is a massive fan event for the publishing industry that brings your brand together with fans to generate engagement, loyalty, social buzz, media impressions and book sales.

Combined BookExpo, UnBound, New York Rights Fair and BookCon become your B2B and B2C business solution and the ultimate destination to launch your books and lifestyle products to readers, rights professionals and the book industry.

Meet & Connect with Authors, Book Sellers and Publishers

“The conveniences that tech has brought to ordering and info-seeking can't ever take the place of sitting down with publishing contacts and reviewing our business together. Author panels and announcements of upcoming books are exciting year after year, and the energy in every aisle is infectious, but it's the time at the meeting table that makes BookExpo essential. Go! And before you go, arrange meetings with your reps and contacts. Take advantage of their expertise and availability at the show!"Kyle Hall, Interabang Books
“Book Expo is extremely important for me. The day to day grind mixed with the stress for performance can erode your perspective over the year. Book Expo is like an adrenaline shot that comes with a reminder of the importance and power of words and how our fabric of a decent civilization lies with the equality of education for everyone. Thank You for being there each year to stay woke.” Allison Bishop, The Spy Museum
“Having not been to BookExpo for a couple of years I wasn’t sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by both the number and quality of the meetings I had which should lead to some great business opportunities in the future. With BookExpo being the go-to platform bringing the publishing industry together in the US it was well worth the trip.” Colin Ziegler, Natural History Museum London

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