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What are the BookCon Move In Dates?

Friday, May 13, 2016 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

If I am a BEA Exhibitor and I need to ship items to Chicago for both events how important is it to label my items accordingly – i.e. items labeled for Book Expo America and other items labeled for BookCon?

This is so important; to save on materials handling costs – you will need to ship items using the appropriate labels – see below for different labels. Whys is this so important, if items get to your booth that need to be moved and have been improperly labeled there will be a material handling charge to move the items to the BookCon Storage. If the items are labeled correctly, it then becomes the responsibility of Freeman Decorating to bring to proper location. Please be careful in lumping all your materials into one large shipment – it is recommended to bring into two shipments so items can be handled properly.

(Please note the difference in BEA and BookCon labels.)

On Friday May 13th can I work past 9:00 pm to set up my booth?

Yes, but you need to contact show management so we can provide a list to security – please note once we get to 9:00 pm all personnel who leave the show floor will not be able to get back on – so you must stay on the floor past 9:00 pm. Please consider this when getting food for dinner.

How do I order new items for BookCon that I did not need for BookExpo America?

Please use the order forms listed above – if you need new items for BookCon – if you order new items you will be charged for these items as you would for any order. All new orders for BookCon will delivered starting at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 13th – it will take about 3 hours to get our all new orders but this is based on volume of orders. Your Floor Manager will be walking around – he/she can check on the status of your order.

Can I hand carry items into the building?

Yes you can but you need to be an employee of the exhibiting company and must pre-register at You also must come through designated ASUV areas. Please click below for a definition of what constitutes ASUV, the Exhibitor Bill of Rights, and the ASUV area map: Exhibitor Bill of Rights, ASUV Program Guidelines and ASUV Map.

How do I ship my items to the show?

Two ways a.) To Warehouse b.) To Show Site – Click on the hyperlink provide to get details (days and times) and labels for these two processes. Please note the dates when items can be accepted – these are extremely important and will help save costs and items being refused.

How do order items for the show?

See below the for the different areas – please note if you are an exhibitor in BookExpo America – see the two FAQ’s below discussing keeping items from one show to next and getting new/getting rid of items from one show to the next
BookCon Ordering Areas
Audio Visual Catering Cleaning
Computers Electrical Floral
Freeman Online Freeman Payment Furnishing
Insurance Internet Labor
Material Handling Security (Coming Soon) Telephone

To save on costs – get your orders in early – dates are listed on forms when cut off is Freeman = April 18, 2016

What is advanced ordering price date and what does this mean?

An example is Freeman Early Price Discount date is April 18th – all items you order prior to April 18th will be a reduced rate – about 30% lower – after this date the prices go up – so please do everything you can to get the order in prior to the deadline date.

What happens to items I order for BookExpo America and I need to keep for both shows (BookExpo America and BookCon)?

If you order for BookExpo America (BEA) any items – furniture, telephone, chairs, you can keep them for both shows at no additional charge. So your 6ft table you had for BEA you can keep for BookCon. The only time someone is charge is if Show Management/Labor needs to move you to a different booth location. So again if your booth number stays the same between BookExpo America and BookCon then you keep any/all items for the five days and only pay once for that item. Click Here for Furniture options

What happens if I ship BookCon items to my booth early prior to BEA – what will happen to them?

Show Management will move and store them until BookCon move in starts at 5:00 pm Friday, May 13th. It is estimated that all freight will be delivered over a 3 hour period.

What happens to items I ordered for BookExpo America and I need to have taken away for BookCon?

Easy, just put that item in the aisle way and it will be picked up.

What time does move out start and what happens if I need to work beyond the move out hours on Saturday May 14th?

Move out starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm but you can continue to break down your booth to complete it Saturday night. You must tell Show Management or the Floor Manager you are staying late so we can notify overnight security. Please note once we get to 9:00 pm all personnel who leave the show floor will not be able to get back on – so you must stay on the floor past 9:00 pm. Also, note that aisle carpet pick-up must start at 4:00 pm so please keep all items out of the aisle ways. We expect this to take 60 minutes (1hr.) to complete and once the aisle carpet is picked up, all empties will be returned. The empty return process is estimated to take a total of 3 hrs.

If I need to ship items to the other areas of BookCon – Main Stage, W375E how do I do this?

If you have items that need to go to other show areas – BookStore, Panel Session we have dedicated labels for these beyond the labels mentioned above. These labels are as follows:

Bookstore Labels To Warehouse To be delivered between April 4th – April 29th
Bookstore Labels To Show Site To be delivered on/after May 13th
Panels To Warehouse To be delivered between April 4th – April 29th
Panels To Show Site To be delivered on/after May 13th
Special Events Hall To Warehouse To be delivered between April 4th – April 29th
Special Events Hall To Show Site To Show Site

When can I start setting up for BookCon and when will my orders for BookCon be filled?

All set up for BookCon must start at the close of the BookExpo America Event at 5:00 pm Friday May 13th.

How do I order my BookCon Exhibitor Badges?

If you have a BookCon only Booth you will receive two Badges per 10x10 Booth. You’ll pick these up from the Exhibitor Registration Desk at BookCon. If you would like to purchase additional Badges please contact your sales rep.

If you have a BEA/BookCon hybrid Booth please register through your BEA dashboard. You will use your BEA Badge to enter BookCon if you are Exhibiting at both BEA and BookCon. You do not need a separate Badge for BookCon. If you wish to order additional BookCon Badges (above your BEA allotment) please order in your Registration Dashboard for BEA.

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