BEA Bloggers Conference

Insights, information, technology and connections that will transform your life—and your business.

BEA Blogger Conference

BEA Bloggers Conference

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Attend BEA Bloggers Conference to learn, be inspired, and connect with book bloggers, authors, and publishing industry professionals. You will benefit from a jam-packed day of education, extreme networking, and the passion and fun that surrounds book blogging!

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BEA Blogger Conference

BEA Bloggers 2014 Conference Schedule


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1A06Morning Keynote: Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson is the New York Times bestselling author of ten YA novels (including SUITE SCARLETT, SCARLETT FEVER, 13 LITTLE BLUE ENVELOPES, THE NAME OF THE STAR, and THE MADNESS UNDERNEATH). She has also done many collaborative works, such as Let It Snow (with John Green and Lauren Myracle), and The Bane Chronicles (with Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan). Maureen has an MFA in Writing from Columbia University. She has been nominated for an Edgar Award and the Andre Norton Award, and her books appear frequently on YALSA and state awards lists. Time Magazine has named her one of the top 140 people to follow on Twitter (@maureenjohnson), and she is the current reigning Queen of Teen in the UK. Maureen lives in New York, and online on Twitter (or at


1A10Design 101: Creating a Picture Perfect Blog

This session is intended for bloggers with 1-3 years’ experience looking for expert design tips to enhance their blog.


  • Gain insight on some simple programs to create artwork and images for your blog
  • Learn where to find images (both free & paid) and the copyright issues behind them
  • Discover easy ways to modify your blog to make it look unique through use of CMS

Ashley Evans
Ashley Evans
Nose Graze

Jeremy West
Jeremy West
Jeremy West Design

1A12 Design 201: Taking your Blog to the Next Level

This session is intended for advanced bloggers with more than 3 years’ experience who are confident with their blog design but are looking for interesting new ideas and cool features.


  • Hear from branding experts on how to elevate your blog by covering designs do’s & don’ts
  • Learn about what to look when choosing the perfect theme and where to find it!
  • Determine best practices for web development based on screen resolutions, average reader eyesight and more

Denise Alicea
Denise Alicea

Hafsah Faizal
Hafsah Faizal

Dawid Paikowski
Dawid Piaskowski
BookLikes CEO


1A10Software 101: Best Blogging Tools

This session is intended for bloggers with 1-3 years’ experience looking to learn more about the latest blog tools.


  • Hear a general overview of what tools you should be using to maximize your blog
  • Gain insight from experienced bloggers on what tools work best for them
  • Learn more about newsletter programs, such as FeedBurner, Bloglovin and more!

Thea James
Thea James

Sarah Wendell
Sarah Wendell
Smart Bitches
Trashy Books

Stephanie Sinclair
Stephanie Sinclair

Becca Brennan
Becca Brennan

1A12Technology 201: Ad Networks

This session is intended for advanced bloggers with more than 3 years’ experience who are looking to expand their ad networks and generate more money and/or awareness from their blog.


  • Hear from the experts on the best ad networks to use and how to host advertisements
  • Understand what rates to charge, competition and legalities
  • Become an expert in free hosting services for ads

Jason Chambers
Jason Chambers
Litbreaker CEO

Swapna Krishna
Swapna Krishna
S. Krishna’s Books

Henry Copeland
Henry Copeland


1A06Lunch and Interview with Stacy Morrison of BlogHer

Grab lunch with your friends and listen to to Kaethe Fine, Director of Creative Development at Mediander, as she conducts a one-on-one interview with Stacy Morrison Chief and VP of Content Programming of BlogHer at 1:15 pm.

Stacy Morrison
Stacy Morrison
Editor in Chief

Kaethe Fine
Kaethe Fine
Creative Director


1A12Blogging & the Law

This session will set out all of the legal areas that a blog author must be aware of. The audience will understand how to protect content with copyright, protect their brand with trademark, police any infringement, and how to treat the content of others before writing a post.

  • What is copyright and why should I care?
  • What really are terms of use and privacy policies?
  • How do I detect and prevent plagiarism?
  • How to deal with lawsuit threats and DMCA take down requests

Amanda Brice
Amanda Brice

Allison Leotta
Allison Leotta
The Prime-Time
Crime Review

Katie Sunstrom
Katie Sunstrom
Lorance &
Thompson, PC

1A10Beyond the Blog: Introduce Yourself to Vlogging and Podcasting

Maximize your reviewing power! This session will explain the benefits of video blogging and podcasting, and will offer easy strategies to implement vlogging and podcasting on your blog. Hear from our handpicked selection of successful bloggers on their decision to add another element to their blog and how it has been successful for them.


  • How to incorporate vlogging or podcasting into your blog
  • How to grow your audience and online influence with vlogs or podcasts
  • Take home your own technical guide to vlogging and/or podcasting

Christine Riccio
Christine Riccio

Pam Margolis
Pam Margolis
An Unconventional Librarian

Josh Christie
Josh Christie

Kat O’Keeffe
Kat O’Keeffe


1A10The Publishing Process: How Bloggers Have Changed the Game

In this this session, a successful book blogger will share their experiences working with authors, agents, editors, and marketing professionals from the publishing industry. Each of these professionals will sit alongside the blogger for a detailed Q&A and will explain how bloggers are an integral part of the equation.

  • Understand how each party works in regards to work load, cross promotion, timing, etc.
  • Have all your questions answered during an interactive Q&A session

Merrilee Heifetz
Merrilee Heifetz
Writers House Literacy Agency

Christine Riccio
Christine Riccio

Alexandra Bracken
Alexandra Bracken
Bestselling Author

Andrew Sansone
Andrew Sansone
Disney Publishing

Emily Meehan
Emily Meehan
Disney Publishing

Ariel Bissett
Ariel Bissett

1A12Engaging Your Readers: Take Your Writing to the Next Level

This all-intensive writing workshop will discuss how to create meaningful and engaging content outside of the classic book review and will take a closer look at ways to format and edit your blog posts.


  • How to captivate your readers with clever blog posts and improve your writing style
  • New ways to format your review and best practices for editing
  • Using social media such as Storify and Instagram as source material for blog posts

Mandy Boles
Mandy Boles

Nicole Bonina
Nicole Bonina
Linus's Blanket

Sheila DeChantal
Sheila DeChantal
Book Journey

Jason Baker
Jason Baker
Mediander LLC


1A06Blogger Celebration

Tiger Beat

Enjoy free books, beer and a performance by Tiger Beat while you network and mingle with other bloggers!

BEA Blogger Conference

Conference Advisory Board

Check back soon for BEA’s 2015 Conference Advisory Board.

Mandy Boles

Mandy Boles

Mandy Boles writes about books, life and everything in between on her blog Mandy Boles: Life Between Books ( Known as much for her frank discussion of her personal life as she is for her eclectic taste in literature, Mandy has found her audience one post at a time. Mandy has writing credits across the web on sites like Thought Catalog, BlogHer, and Blissfully Domestic, and she regularly contributes reviews to the print publication RT Book Reviews. Mandy is passionate about creating a spirit of unity and fellowship among book bloggers. Mandy's web series Life Between Books will start airing monthly in January 2014. You can follow Mandy on twitter @MandyBBoles. (Mandy's blog was formerly known as The Well-Read Wife.)

Ana Grilo

Ana Grilo

Ana Grilo is a Brazilian living in the UK, where she moved to because of the weather. No, seriously. Together with her evil partner in crime, Thea James, she runs The Book Smugglers, where they review Spec Fiction and YA. World domination via book reviewing is their main agenda. You can also find her manning their Twitter account or writing for their weekly Kirkus column.

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg has been blogging at Bookallicious for five years. She's an agent at Foreword Literary in California. You can reach her on Twitter: @BookaliciousPam.

Thea James

Thea James

Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers. When she isn't voraciously devouring the latest and greatest in speculative fiction or swamped in emails and proposals, she can be found blogging, watching cheesy horror movies, and concocting general plans toward world domination.

Ariel Lawhon

Ariel Lawhon

Ariel Lawhon is co-founder of the popular online book club, She Reads, a novelist, blogger, and life-long reader. She lives in the rolling hills outside Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and four young sons (aka The Wild Rumpus). Her novel, THE WIFE, THE MAID, AND THE MISTRESS, will be published in January by Doubleday. Ariel believes that Story is the shortest distance to the human heart.

Jane Litte

Jane Litte

Jane Litte runs the popular romance review site, It is a site that is peopled with voracious readers, authors, editors, and agents within the romance community. Jane was named as one of Forbes top 10 influencers in books and social media. Harlequin called Dear Author "one of the most respected romance sites in the blogosphere."

Rachel Rivera

Rachel Rivera

Bio Coming Soon!

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith is the Editor, Reviewer and Marketer for There's A Book which was named the Best Kidlit Book Blog during the 2010 Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Recently she began a career as an agent at Foreword Literary Agency. Her expertise in children's literature has been utilized while serving as a judge for both the 2011 INSPYs Awards as well as the 2010-2012 Cybils Awards. Working as a literacy advocate she helped to co-chair the online event "Share a Story Shape a Future" and founded the "Read-to-Me Picture Book Challenge" that encourages reading to young children. She's also a literacy advocate, classically trained professional flutist and movie lover. Danielle currently resides in the San Luis Obispo area with her two young children and her husband who works locally as an attorney.

Danielle is also a writer, represented by Pam van Hylckama Vlieg for her middle grade novel The Protectorate. She's a member of SCBWI and can frequently be found on Twitter (@the1stdaughter) talking about anything from children's books to the BBC's Sherlock to her own parenting woes & joys.

Marybeth Whalen

Marybeth Whalen

Marybeth Whalen is the founder of, a site devoted to spotlighting the best in women's fiction. She is also the wife of Curt, mom of six, and author of four novels, including The Wishing Tree and The Guest Book. Marybeth believes story is the shortest distance to the human heart.

Blogger Directory

Adele Walsh
Title: Centre For Youth Literature
Url: Www.Persnicketysnark.Com
Genre: Young Adult Literature
Description: Reviews, Opinions And Pop Culture

Alex Baugh
Title: The Children's War/Randomly Reading
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Alison Stover
Title: Alison Can Read
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Allison Hiltz
Title: The Book Wheel
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Description: Books, Politics, + More!

Alysia Allen
Title: Mocha Girls Read Book Club

Amanda Zimmermann
Title: Tea For Three Book Review
Url: Teaforthreebooks.Blogspot.Com
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fiction, Mystery, Comics,
Description: A Book Review Blog

Amber Ostheimer
Title: Shelfnotes.Com
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Description: Bookish Blog With Some Life Po

Andrea Adams
Title: The Overstuffed Bookcase
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Anmiryam Budner
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Anna Gerlach
Title: Annaberry Reads
Url: Http://Annaberryreads.Blogspot.Com/
Genre: I Refer Paranormal Romance, Sci Fi, Dystopian, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, And Contemporary.
Description: I Read And Review Books From Several Genres. I Pride Myself On Giving Honest, Yet Fair And Helpful Reviews.

Anne Whealdon
Title: Kaye Publicity
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April Conant
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Ashley Evans
Title: Nose Graze
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Genre: Ya/Na/Adult Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Description: Book Reviews, Blogging Tips, Coding Tutorials

Avalon Lambert
Title: Steph's Stacks
Url: Http://Www.Stephsstacks.Com/
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Bernard Grotegeer
Title: Bookoo Book Reviews
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Genre: Crime, Thriller, Science Ficti
Description: Multi-Genre Blog

Beth Nolan Conners
Title: Beth's Book-Nook Blog
Url: Www.Drbethnolan.Wordpress.Com
Genre: Fiction, Historical, Kids And Ya, Mystery, Cozies, Supernatural, Suspense
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Beth Allen
Title: Beth Allen Associates, Inc.

Brian Feinblum
Title: Media Connect
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Genre: Pr
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Brooke Delvecchio
Title: The Cover Contessa
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Genre: Middle Grade, Ya, Na
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Bruce Genaro
Title: Remington Lit

Caitlin Listro
Title: Sarcasm & Lemons
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Genre: Young Adult Fiction (All Genres), Literature, Writing, Fiction, Short Stories,
Description: A Snarky Book Blog Featuring Reviews, Writing Tips, Industry News, Personal Writings, And More; Focuses On Young Adult But Sometimes Reviews Other Topics.

Carol Zwick
Title: Buttercup Counts Her Blessings
Url: Buttercupcountsherblessings.Bl
Genre: Lifestyle
Description: Focus On Life In New York City

Caroline Cousens
Title: Big Book Little Book
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Genre: Picture Books, Early Readers, Mg, Ya, New Adult And Adult Books Of All Genres Excluding Erotica
Description: Dedicated To The Books We Enjoy Ourselves And The Books We Love To Share With Our Children

Cassaundra Conant
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Cassi Steenblok
Title: My Thoughts Literally
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Genre: Classics, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Contemporary, Historical Fiction,
Description: Book Reviews, Discussions, And Features About A Wide Range Of Books Including Classics, Young Adult, And Adult Novels.

Cece Carroll
Title: Steaming Mug Of Books
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Cecelia Larsen
Title: Adventures Of Cecelia Bedelia
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Description: Reviews Of Middle Grade, Ya An

Chelsea Cochran
Title: Starbucks & Books Obsession
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Danny Meilinger
Title: Bewitched Bookworms
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Description: We Love To Blog About All Things Young Adult And We Love To Celebrate Young Adult Authors!

David Hahn
Title: Media Connect
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Genre: Pr
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Title: Hank Enterprises, Inc.

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Title: Snuggling On The Sofa
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Description: A Blog To Enthuse About All Things Ya, With The Occasional Mg, Adult And Film Related Post

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Title: Fresh Snack Literary Press

Deborah Kohan
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Diane Sundstrom
Title: Sundsideup
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Donna Gambale
Title: First Novels Club
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Drew Broussard
Title: Raging Biblioholism
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Genre: Multi-Genre
Description: Reviews, Recommendations, And Other Reading - A Lit Revue For The Discerning Reader.

Elisabeth Monaghan
Title: Robin In Your Face.Com

Elizabeth Stiert
Title: Redhead Reader
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Genre: Thriller, Horror, And Fantasy
Description: Book Reviews Of Horror, Thrill

Elizabeth Petrovich
Title: Silver's Reviews
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Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery, W
Description: Book Reviews And Giveaways

Emily Scheinman
Title: Banana Seed Book Fairs

Emily Mutterperl
Title: Polishedbookworm.Com
Url: Http://Polishedbookworm.Com
Genre: Literature & Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Romance, Beauty
Description: I Share My Latest Reads And Nail Polish Finds, Offering Fair Unbiased Reviews Of Both Literature And Lacquer … With Some Literature-Inspired Lacquer Thrown In For Fun.

Erin Cosenza
Title: Read-At-Home Mama
Url: Http://Www.Readathomemama.Com/
Genre: Book Reviews, Women's, Family, Health
Description: Adult And Children's Book Reviews, And Family Posts.

Erin Sawyer
Title: Tea For Three Books
Url: Http://Teaforthreebooks.Blogspot.Com
Genre: Ya, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Description: Three Tea Drinkers Review Books.

Faye Rogers
Title: A Daydreamer's Thoughts
Url: Http://Daydreamersthoughts.Co.Uk
Genre: Mg, Ya, New Adult, Adult Of All Genres Excluding Erotica
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Florinda Pendley Vasquez
Title: The 3 R's Blog
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Francine Lasala
Title: A Kind Of Mad Courage
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Genre: Womens Fiction
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Glenn Yeffeth
Title: Benbella Books

Gustavo Guertler
Title: Belas-Letras

Hannah Courtright
Title: Indiereadergirl0329
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Genre: Ya Fiction And Historical Fict
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Hannah Weyh
Title: Luna's Little Library
Url: Http://Lunaslittlelibrary.Wordpress.Com/
Genre: Ya, Mg & New Adult
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Helene Cohen Bludman
Title: Books Is Wonderful
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Intisar Khanani
Title: Purple Monkey Press
Url: Www.Runawaypen.Com
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Jackie J
Title: Www.Pleasureinsimplethings.Com
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Jan Sassano
Title: Tfim / Outside Reading

Jeanna Michel
Title: The Bucket List
Url: Thebucketlist-Gn.Blogspot.Com
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Jenna Christy Matalam
Title: Coffee, Books And Me
Url: Http://Www.Coffeebooksandme.Com
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Jennifer Runkle
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Jennifer Ellision
Title: The Bevy Bibliothèque
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Description: Books, Reviews, And Other Fang

Jennifer Canzoneri
Title: Benbella Books / Smart Pop Books

Jennifer Eremeeva
Title: Jennifereremeeva.Com

Jenny Zemanek
Title: Supernatural Snark
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Jessica Dunlow
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Jessica Boehret
Title: Jessie Marie Reads
Url: Http://Jessiemariereads.Com
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction
Description: A (Mostly) Young Adult Book Blog That Features Highlights, Reviews And Other Inventive Features.

Jessika O'sullivan
Title: Jessika59095.Blogspot.Com
Url: Http://Jessika59095.Blogspot.C
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Jillian Dodd
Title: Bandit Publishing

Joy Bangsal
Title: Joyousreads
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Description: Reader And Reviewer Of The Wri

Katherine Cope
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Kathleen Towery
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Krista Davis
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Kristin Jones
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Kristin Clifford
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Lauren Teixeira
Title: Santa Clara County Library District

Leah Mosher
Title: Books Speak Volumes
Url: Http://Booksspeakvolumes.Com
Genre: Literary, Historical, And Contemporary Fiction; Memoir; Non-Fiction
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Liberty Schauf
Title: Women's Nat'l Book Association - Nyc

Lindsey Young
Title: The Bevy Bibliothèque.
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Lorraine Kleinwaks
Title: Book Wish Foundation

Lucy Dosch
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Mandy Boles
Title: Mandyboles.Com
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Genre: Books, Fashion, Life
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Margie Durham
Title: Ope's Opinions
Url: Www.Opesopinions.Com
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult, Myst
Description: I Am A Book Fan! This Is A H

Melissa Taylor
Title: A Midsummer Night's Read
Url: Http://Www.Amidsummernightsrea
Genre: Young And New Adult Novels
Description: Book Reviews From A Writer & B

Michelle Grotegeer
Title: Bookoo Book Reviews
Url: Www.Bookoobookreviews.Com
Genre: Crime, Erotica, Romance, Thril
Description: Multi-Genre Book Blog

Nicole Lorenzetti
Title: Sassy Peach Reads
Url: Http://Sassypeachreads.Blogspo
Genre: Everything
Description: General Interest Blogger; Shor

Pam Margolis
Title: An Unconventional Librarian
Url: Www.Unconventionallibrarian.Co
Genre: Young Adult, Childrens
Description: Book Reviews, Videos, Fun

Pam Tole
Title: Midnyte Reader
Url: Http://Www.Midnytereader.Com
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Ya, Dyst
Description: Book Blog

Rachel Marks
Title: Mark My Words Book Publicity

Rajdeep Paulus
Title: Young Adult Fiction

Rayna Andrews
Title: Witlesswitticisms.Wordpress.Com
Url: Witlesswitticisms.Wordpress.Com
Genre: Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Ya, Graphic Novels, Poetry, Etc.
Description: I Review New And Classic Books And Write About Book And Library News.

Samantha Gregory
Title: Richsinglemomma.Com
Url: Http://Richsinglemomma.Com
Genre: Personal Finance, Parenting, Personal Development
Description: Single Mom Personal Finance, Parenting, And Personal Development Blog

Sara Desabato
Title: Www.Firstnovelsclub.Com
Url: Www.Firstnovelsclub.Com
Genre: Young Adult And Middle Grade B
Description: Book Reviews And Recommendatio

Sara Reyes
Title: Fresh Fiction

Seirra Poirier
Title: Dear, Restless Reader
Url: Http://Dearrestlessreader.Blog
Genre: Reviews, Blog Tours, Author Pr
Description: Reviews Middle Grade, Ya, Na,

Seirra Poirier
Title: Dear, Restless Reader
Url: Http://Dearrestlessreader.Blog
Genre: Book Reviews
Description: Middle Grade, Ya, Na, Adult Re

Selene Castrovilla
Title: Www.Selenecastrovilla.Com
Url: Selenecastrovilla.Tumblr.Com
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Description: History Teacher By Day, Austra

Sharon Farnell
Title: Media Connect
Url: Http://Www.Media-Connect.Com/Blog/
Genre: Pr
Description: Covers Pr And Book Publicity

Sheila Dechantal
Title: Book Journey
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Shirley Showalter
Title: Shirleyshowalter.Com/Blog
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Genre: Reviews, Interviews, And Reflections
Description: Memoir, Simplicity, Mennonites, And The Book Writing/Marketing Process

Stacy Millican
Title: The Novel Life
Url: Http://Thenovellife.Com
Genre: Literary, Suspense/Thriller, Southern, Audio, Childrens, Non-Fiction
Description: Book Reviews, Author Spotlights, Community Building And Living Life Well

Steph O'neil
Title: The Fake Steph Dot Com
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Description: The Fake Steph Dot Com

Stephanie Moncada
Title: The Bevy Bibliothèque
Url: Http://Www.Thebevybibliotheque
Genre: Ya/Na
Description: Books, Reviews, And Other Fang

Stephanie Kimball
Title: Steph's Stacks
Url: Http://Www.Stephsstacks.Com/
Genre: All
Description: Book Reviews & News

Stephanie-Sandra Brown
Title: No Bs Book Reviews
Url: Http://Nobsbookreviews.Com/
Genre: Ya, Na, Adult (All Genres, But Primarily Fiction)
Description: Sifting Through Weeds To Find Good Reads.

Steven Fraccaro
Title: The Recalcitrant Press

Conference at BookExpo America
Conference at BookExpo America
Conference at BookExpo America
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Ashley Evans, Nose Graze

Ashley Evans

Ashley is an American living in the UK with her coding genius of a husband. She's a blogger at Nose Graze, web designer/developer at Creative Whim, and founder of the Book Blogging Community. She publishes YA and adult book reviews on Nose Graze, but also loves sharing coding, design, and blogging tips with her readers. Ashley is also well known for creating the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin for WordPress.

Jeremy West, Jeremy West Design

Jeremy West

Jeremy West, a longtime book blogger and designer, is the founder of Red Creative Design, a collaborative design company bringing together artists and connecting them to authors and publishers seeking designers for their projects. Through Red Creative, he has created marketing and promotional plans for New York Times bestselling authors as well as have his work featured in Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and more. Jeremy currently lives in Brooklyn, NY splitting his time working both at a children's publishing house and at McNally Jackson bookstore.

Sarah Wendell, Smart Bitches Trashy Books

Sarah Wendell

Sarah Wendell is author of the book Everything I Know About Love, I Learned from Romance Novels, co-author of the book, Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels, and co-founder of Smart Bitches Trashy, one of the most popular blogs examining romance fiction. The site specializes in reviewing romance novels, pondering the history and future of the genre in digital form and in print, and bemoaning the enormous prevalence of bodacious pectorals adorning male cover models. In her quest to celebrate the romance genre and the women who read and write it, Sarah has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Gayle King Show on The Oprah Winfrey Network, the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s Steven and Chris Show, NPR’s All Things Considered and on Too Many Books. She has been quoted in People Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The New York Post, USA Today, New Jersey Monthly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Los Angeles Times Book Blog, Redbook, Metro:New York, and Publishers Weekly. Sarah can most often be found on Twitter as @SmartBitches, at, or on her sofa, reading a book.

Stephanie Sinclair, Cuddlebuggery

Stephanie Sinclair

Stephanie Sinclair began reviewing books on Goodreads in 2010 where she quickly gained a following, becoming a Best Reviewer of all time. Two years later she decided to plague the internet on a wider scale and co-founded Cuddlebuggery, a blog with a strong focus on Young Adult literature dedicated to corrupting the reading community with sinister shenanigans. She is also an editor at Young Adult Books Central and YA blogger at where she co-writes The YA Roundup.

Allison Leotta, The Prime-Time Crime Review

Allison Leotta

For twelve years, Allison Leotta was a federal sex-crimes prosecutor in Washington, D.C. She was dubbed “the female John Grisham” for her first novel, LAW OF ATTRACTION. Suspense Magazine named her most recent book, SPEAK OF THE DEVIL, one of the best books of 2013. Allison founded The Prime-Time Crime Review blog, where she reviews TV crime dramas for what they get right and wrong. The ABA named this one of the best legal blogs in America, and Allison’s weekly column is also carried by the Huffington Post. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Allison has provided legal expertise for outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and PBS. She lives outside Washington D.C. with her husband and two sons.

Katie Sunstrom, Lorance & Thompson, PC

Katie Sunstrom

Katie Sunstrom is an attorney with Lorance & Thompson, PC. The majority of her practice focuses on business litigation primarily in federal court. Katie is most passionate about assisting and serving small businesses and individuals with their copyright, trademark, intellectual property, and business litigation needs. She adopts the entrepreneurial values of her clients and acts as a champion for them in their efforts to grow and protect their intellectual property and good will. She especially enjoys speaking to photographers and bloggers about legal issues. You can read her posts about issues involving copyright, trademark, defamation, and privacy issues via her twitter handle @beingkatie

Christine Riccio, PolandbananasBOOKS

Christine Riccio

Story enthusiast, Christine Riccio, was born in New Jersey and recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in Film and Television. In 2010 she started making comedic sketch videos and vlogs on YouTube as Polandbananas20. Soon after, she started a second channel, PolandbananasBOOKS, where she began making comedic book reviews and discussion videos in effort to encourage more people to read. Since then the channel has flourished. Christine now uploads book related videos about three times a week for an audience of over 100,000 subscribers.

Pam Margolis, An Unconventional Librarian

Pam Margolis

Pam is an information specialist, maven, connector. She loves books; especially children and Young Adult books. She holds a BS in English Writing, a post baccalaureate certificate in Elementary Education, and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Drexel University. She is also a certified elementary teacher and a certified library media specialist. She reviews books at and is not only a curator of multicultural resources but she writes, vlogs, and does basically anything that your traditional librarian doesn’t do; including work at a library. She currently works in an independent book store! Three things you will always find Pam with are: a cup of coffee, a book, and her iPhone for using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. She loves social media and sharing and staying connected. Pam lives in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Josh Christie, Bookrageous

Josh Christie

Josh Christie is a podcaster, freelance writer, and independent bookseller. Josh is cohost, editor, and founding member of the Bookrageous podcast, a popular book podcast that has run for three years and draws thousands of downloads each episode. He writes about books, beer, and the outdoors for a number of publications, and his first book Maine Beer was published in May of 2013. He also manages Sherman's Books, an independent bookstore in Portland, ME.

Thea James, The Book Smugglers

Thea James

Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers. When she isn't voraciously devouring the latest and greatest in speculative fiction or swamped in emails and proposals, she can be found blogging, watching cheesy horror movies, and concocting general plans toward world domination.

Nicole Bonina, Linus's Blanket

Nicole Bonina

Bio coming soon.

Terryn Hall, DopeReads

Terryn Hall

Bio coming soon.

Stacy Morrison, Editor in Chief

Stacy Morrison

Stacy Morrison is editor in chief and VP, Content Programming at BlogHer, Inc., where she creates content for every department in the company, and oversees editorial operations at Before joining BlogHer in 2012, Stacy was an award-winning magazine editor for 20 years—most recently editor-in-chief of Redbook magazine, from 2004-2010—during which time she launched two new brands (ONE: Design Matters, Time Out New York) and repositioned others (Modern Bride, Redbook). She is also author of the best-selling memoir Falling Apart In One Piece, published in 2010 by Simon & Schuster, and a regular speaker in national media and at conferences on the state of American women and families and the changing shape of media. She currently lives in Garrison, NY, but on Twitter she will forever be @bklynstacy

Hafsah Faizal

Hafsah Faizal

Hafsah Faizal was born on the east coast on a hot summer day in 1993, raised on the west coast and is now stuck in the middle–in Texas–with more books than she can read. She founded IceyBooks in 2010, and has been blogging about books, authors, and everything YA ever since. She started designing at the age of thirteen, and in late 2011, she founded IceyDesigns, where she professionally designs blogs, websites and book covers, and provides social media, branding and marketing solutions for authors and bloggers in the niche of reading. She published her debut novel, UNBREATHABLE, late last year.

Dawid Piaskowski

Dawing Piakowski

Dawid Piaskowski is CEO & Co-Founder of BookLikes, a blog platform designed for book lovers which helps book bloggers, authors and publishers stay connected and up to date with book reviews and book news. Dawid’s passionate about new technologies, network innovations and 'e' products. He's an avid ebook reader and serial entrepreneur. Before founding BookLikes in 2011, he was a business analyst in Allegro Group (the owner of over 70 online services worldwide). Dawid is also the co-owner of a leading Polish site for local promotion search. If he's not creating, Dawid’s reading. He especially enjoys science fiction, fantasy and good business books. You can peek at his bookshelf at

Becca Brennan

Becca Brennan

Becca Brennan is a Customer Support Ninja and Social Media maven at Mad Mimi, an email marketing service that helps users create, send, and track gorgeous email newsletters. She spends her days helping folks build solid opt-in email lists, and communicate with their subscribers in direct and engaging ways. She's passionate about small businesses and honest communication, and thinks that email is a great way to build real and lasting relationships.

Jason Chambers

Jason Chambers

Jason Chambers is Founder/CEO of Litbreaker Media, and Managing Editor of the Three Guys One Book blog. Prior to founding Litbreaker, he was Buyer and Merchandise Manager for a major book wholesaler, Buyer and General Manager for an independent bookstore chain, and an independent bookstore consultant. He likes to read.

Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey

Sheila DeChantal

Sheila DeChantal created and has reviewed books at the website Book Journey since June 2009. Sheila also writes book reviews and articles for a local magazine called Her Voice. She is President of her local Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library Board and she is on the City Library Board as well. She lives in Central Minnesota with her husband and two rescued dogs. In her down time, besides reading she enjoys biking, rollerblading, mud runs, and crazy adventures with friends.

Swapna Krishna, S. Krishna Books

Swapna Krishna

Swapna Krishna is a freelance editor, writer, book reviewer, and chronic bibliophile. When she’s not working, reading, or off on some exotic adventure, she’s probably wandering around her Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington, DC, with a craft beer in hand. You can find her book reviews at S. Krishna’s Books.

Merrilee Heifetz, Writers House Literacy Agency

Merrilee Heifetz

Merrilee Heifetz is Senior Vice President at Writers House Literary Agency, where she has been an agent for over 25 years. Her clients include #1 NYT Bestsellers and multi award winning authors. Some of her long time clients include Neil Gaiman, Laurell K. Hamilton, Robin McKinley, Cynthia Voigt, Rosanne Cash and the Estate of Octavia E. Butler. New(er) writers include Melissa Marr, Amanda Palmer, Carrie Ryan, Alexandra Bracken, and Beth Revis along with many other talented and multi -award-winning writers. In her spare time, Merrilee listens to a lot of audio books while walking her dog Lily in Central Park. She has two college-age daughters (who like each other so much that they attend the same college) and a husband, Brian DeFiore, President of DeFiore and Co. Literary Agency.

Emily Meehan, Editorial Director

Emily Meehan

Emily Meehan is Editorial Director at Hyperion Teen. She is responsible for the shaping of the overall Hyperion Teen list and the creation of new IP, as well as her own list of YA and middle grade books. She works with authors Alexandra Bracken (The Darkest Minds series), Melissa de la Cruz (Blue Bloods and The Ring and the Crown series), Rachel Cohn, and Leila Howland. Emily began her career at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers where she was the editor of The Summer Series by Jenny Han, the Hush, Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick and The Private series by Kate Brian.

Alexandra Bracken, New York Times best-selling author of The Darkest Minds series

Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra Bracken was born and raised in Arizona, but moved east to study at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. She recently relocated to New York City, where she works in publishing and lives in a charming apartment overflowing with books. You can visit her online at or on Twitter (@alexbracken).

Andrew Sansone, Online Marketing Manager

Andrew Sansone

Andrew Sansone manages Online Marketing for Disney Publishing. He and his team try many things to get people to buy books. He thinks this panel is probably focused one of those 'things' that worked.

Jason Baker, Mediander LLC

Jason Baker

Jason Baker is Senior Editor at Mediander LLC. He was a founding member of the team that helped invent and refine CultureMaps, which he edits and plans. He also directs and edits Mediander’s Blog. Jason has 12 years’ experience in New York publishing; with two other editors, he conceptualized and produced the Barnes & Noble Classics series for Mediander’s parent company, Fine Creative Media, Inc. Jason earned a BA in English from Reed College and an MFA in Poetry from Hunter College. He is a writer and a DJ.

Henry Copeland, Blogads

Henry Copeland

When Henry Copeland started in 2002, people thought placing ads on obscure online diaries called "blogs" was... idiotic. Today, with social media recognized as a king-maker and news-breaker, Blogads connects blue-chip advertisers with the readers of pivotal social sites like PerezHilton and UrbanDictionary. Henry has advised hundreds of bloggers since 2002 on best practices for boosting traffic and revenues. With nearly 40 sales and programming staff in Durham, NC and Budapest, Hungary, Henry's company provides soup-to-nuts services for advertisers and publishers, including tools like AdBiblio, Twiangulate, Pullquote, Twialog and Distillry. After growing up in Wooster, Ohio and earning a BA in history at Yale in 1984, Henry worked as a bond salesman in the eighties in London and New York, and was a journalist in Budapest in the nineties.

Kaethe Fine, Creative Director

Kaethe Fine

Kaethe Fine is Creative Director at Mediander LLC. She works with the executive management team in all departments to ensure strategic initiatives and direction are followed across Mediander. Kaethe began her work in publishing in 1992 as Director of Acquisitions at MJF Books/Fine Creative Media. She holds a BFA in Filmmaking from Purchase College and an MA in Writing for Performance from Goldsmiths College, University of London. A number of her plays have been produced: Motivation for the Meat of Life at HERE in NYC; A Factor of 2 in the Labyrinth Theater Company’s Barn Series; Wollstonecraft Live!, on Newington Green, London; and Therapy Rocks, a musical for which she co-wrote the book, at the NY Musical Theater Festival 2010. Kaethe also writes poetry and screenplays, and has directed and acted in theater and film in NY and abroad, including a featured role in the film The Chosen, starring Robby Benson and Rod Steiger.

Denise Alicea

Denise Alicea

Denise Alicea is an author, book blogger, and Hootsuite Ambassador. Denise started writing when drawing and painting were not enough. Deciding to try a new type of medium, she thought to start with poetry. After her first success and first reading at the age of fifteen. Her writing began to take on new life with her own worlds of fantasy, time travel, action, adventure, and of course romance. A member of Romance Writers of America and several of its chapters since 2005, Denise has won two awards for her short stories and several finalist nominations. She always finds the time to help others through RWA and also her book review blog, The Pen & Muse Book Reviews.

Amanda Brice

Amanda Brice

Amanda Brice leads a double life. By day (under her real name), she is an intellectual property attorney for the federal government. At night (under her pen name. Amanda Brice), she writes young adult mystery novels and romantic comedies. A graduate of Duke University, the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, and an LLM in IP from The George Washington University Law School, Amanda was a staffer for the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Subcommittee on the Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property when she decided she wanted to write fiction. A two-time finalist for the prestigious Golden Heart Award from Romance Writers of America, she is a frequent speaker on the writing conference circuit on the subject of basic copyright and trademark law. Amanda will be signing Pas De Death in the RWA booth during Book Expo America.

Kat O'Keeffe

Kat O'Keeffe

Kat O'Keeffe is a book vlogger and aspiring author currently living in California. She discovered the online community of book lovers in 2009 and realized her passion for storytelling was something she wanted to purse as a career. When she's not writing or reading, she makes videos about writing and reading for an audience of over 70,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, Katytastic.

Ariel Bissett

Ariel Bissett

Ariel Bissett was born in Canada, has lived in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Honduras, and is studying abroad in England next year. No matter where in the world she is, however, she devotes her time to reading and sharing her passion for books on the internet. Her YouTube channel currently has over 34,000+ subscribers who tune in to enjoy her bookish themed discussions. Currently studying at the University of Guelph, Ariel is pursuing an Honours Degree in English.













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